Inspired by color
Her mantra " to live creatvely" has been the primary focus for Sandra Hankins aka "Santeena" for the last several years.  Although involved in art exploration throughout her life working primarily with watercolor and oil mediums; fiber art has been the recent focus for Sandra's creative expression.  "I truly enjoy taking a theme or an image and expanding it with different 3D shapes, colors and textures on fabrics.  Journal size quilts (typically 8 1/2" x 11") are my favorite.  These miniature quilts are quick to produce and fun to arrange in a small scale display". Portraits and landscapes of nature have been the primary themes for Santeena's quilts. "Nature provides an endless wonderful array of colors for quilt themes.  Sunsets take on a new meaning when featured in fiber art".

"Santeena ~ (Sandra and Tina Turner) is my alter ego. Who hasn't wanted to look and perform like Tina in their lifetime?"  Santeena sells original art via this website and her Etsy shop. High quality prints and other licensed items can be viewed and purchases via Pixels.Com.
Fiber art is a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, both natural and synthetic fibers and many wonderful embellishments of all types.  It’s a unique expression which fuses color and  texture to create a unique work of art .